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March 13, 2013
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Into the Fray by desmondWOOT Into the Fray by desmondWOOT
The Golden Devil is feared throughout the lands. Whenever he appears, enemies will look in fear. Some stay to fight, most flee. They say no blades can pierce his armor, while others say he is an immortal, still able to move with wounds that would kill any normal man.
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Natrill Feb 9, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I love this, kinda reminds me of some one armor from Dark Souls
Oy! My "stnadard" should of course be "standard"....

--Typo Nonie
Hmm. This is one of the VERY few of your pictures that doesn't quite work for me, because I had to stare at it for several minutes to figure which of the Demon's body parts are which, and therefore where it's facing and what it's doing.

I mean, we can tell the shield is a shield, but everything else is a collection of rounded metal lumps. At first I thought the horned shoulder-thing just behind the shield was the head--it's got a horn, an indent that might be an eye socket, a long line that might be a nose, and a bottom dent that might be a jaw--but that didn't quite work because there wasn't a matching horn on the nearer side. So then my eye tried to keep that lump a head but assume the horn was on its forehead or nose, but if so, there was no jaw after all, etc. So then I see it's a shoulder thing after all, but the nearest thing that looked like a matching shoulder was actually its head, and so on.

Why didn't I see the head as a head in the first place? It doesn't stand out by lighting/shading, and at first glance it's the wrong shape--the lowered chin/bill merges into the armor below it, while the presumably rounded cranium isn't visible through the long red plume. So the shape doesn't say "head" and therefore draw our eye.

And yeah, one would think the outthrust arm with sword woulda made things clearer, but when you're trying to decipher all the gold lumps, the demon's pale sleeve can merge into the battlefield-smoke background, with its fold lines just being more spearshafts and blades.

And then, even when I figured out the head & shoulders, the rounded lumps of the pectorals confused me; they're a little large to be male (especially with the ?stitched? cleavage line), but too shallow-for-their width to be female, and so on.

So I'd love to see you bring this pic up to your stnadard by making things a little clearer. I'd mostly suggest that you use lighting/shadowing to make the actual head a little more prominent and visibly rounded, from the bottom of the jaw (so we can tell it apart from the neck) to the top/back of the head (so we can tell there's a solid cranium under the crest).

Please let me know if this doesn't make sense--and feel free to ignore me if everyone else tells you I'm wrong. ;)


Thanks for the crit! I'll do better next time! :)
TheoDesigns Apr 2, 2013  Student General Artist
Love Kayle, such an awesome LoL character with an interesting Lore, thank you for this.
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